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Steps to Ensure Proper Functioning of Your CCTV in Perth

Setting up CCTV cameras in a residential or commercial building in Perth is only half the job done. You need to check if the devices are working properly at all times. And if you can perform this routine maintenance, the CCTV cameras will work flawlessly and you will face no problems in monitoring the surrounding areas.

So, to protect yourself and your loved ones, let us take a look at the maintenance steps for the CCTV in Perth that you need to follow.

CCTV in Perth
CCTV in Perth

Maintenance of the Camera Lens

Keeping the camera lens of a CCTV is extremely important to get a clear view of your surroundings. Moreover, sharp footage will help you to detect trespassers or criminals easily which you can use as evidence. Some of the other procedures to ensure a clear and effective recording are:

  • Removing Obstructions

If you find anything obstructing the lens of the camera, you need to remove it to get a clear view of the surroundings. You might even have to adjust the camera for this.

  • Keeping the Lens Clean

If you find a build-up of dust or other particles on the lens that is limiting the camera from capturing clear footage, you need to clean it immediately to ensure clarity during monitoring and recording.

  • Checking the Pan and Zoom

Pan and zoom are two important characteristics of CCTV cameras and you need to check if they are working flawlessly to focus on a suspicious subject (if found). This will help in mitigating the threats early.

  • Cleaning the Marks

Wearing and tearing or other factors such as weather conditions can cause marks on the lenses of your CCTV in Perth. Though these are not always permanent, if you find them, cleaning them immediately will help you to obtain clear images and protect the lenses from further damages.

  • Ensuring Proper Alignment

Misalignment of the CCTV can cause hindrance in obtaining the proper field of view which might make monitoring the areas difficult or even impossible. There can be several reasons for this such as weather conditions, improper installation, etc. So, if you find this problem, calling up professionals to fix it up will help you to monitor properly and stay protected.

  • Checking the Motion Detection

If your CCTV has the motion detection feature, make sure it is working properly to safeguard the building against criminals or trespassers.

Wiring Maintenance

Your CCTV in Perth will be connected with the monitors and other power sources. So, a regular check-up of the wiring will ensure the seamless performance of the device.

  • Routine Wiring Check-ups

You need to check if the wiring is set up properly after the installation of the camera. After that, you need to check for loose wires and cables regularly and get them fixed so that the recording and monitoring can continue smoothly.

  • Checking the Power Supply

Your camera needs to run 24×7 and to ensure that it is powered up at all times, you need to check the power supply unit regularly. Power fluctuations or occasional disconnection can not only prevent footage capture and monitoring but also damage the camera. So, if you detect problems in the power source, get it repaired quickly.

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