Home Security System

An Overview on Ways to Maintain Your Advanced Home Security System

A home security system is made up of a string of various components. For the system to operate perfectly, all these components have to work perfectly and in sync. Thus, as a stakeholder, you must keep a watch on all these components and ensure they are working perfectly. As per the experts, home security systems have to be checked at least once annually by trained professionals. The best security companies like us offer maintenance package along with service contracts, which include:

  • Evaluation of the battery to see if they are functioning accurately.
  • Checking the transmitted signals and ensuring they are received properly by the monitoring centre.
  • Performing control tests on the panic buttons, if any
  • Checking the health and condition of the sensors.
  • Repairing a damaged or faulty component of the system.

When you hire Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd to check your home security system, our techies will do all these to ensure the system is working fit and fine. Our technicians are trained enough to carry specific diagnoses of the system.
This apart, you can carry our self-testing as well, to see if your security system is well and fine. This is one very effective way of maintaining your home security system.

Performing Weekly Perimeter Checks

To carry out a weekly perimeter check, you need to walk around your home once in a week for a comprehensive inspection. Inspect all the sensors that are installed on each door or window. See if the adhesive is intact so that the sensors are well fastened on the surface. If not, you need to refasten the sensors, by reapplying adhesive. These wireless sensors are powered by battery and hence the batteries need to be tested and periodic replacement.

Testing the Control Panels

The Control panel is the brain of your security system. Therefore, it must be in the best of condition. The panel comes up with a test mode that is capable of self-diagnostic to see if every component is working in sync and property. This needs to be run periodically, and if you find any glitch, you must summon our techies who are into maintaining advanced home security systems in Perth, or elsewhere, depending upon your location.

Inspect All the Security Cameras

If your security system has CCTV cameras included, you need to check them as well. In fact, you need to check them almost daily, to see if they have power, and they are angled properly and they are intact and are operating in the way they are expected to.

Request Annual Inspections by the Professionals

Last but not the least, you need to hire professionals who are trained and experienced enough to carry out annual inspections of these alarm and security systems from renowned brands. Thus, if you have a Risco alarm system package at your Perth property, you need to hire techies who have enough experience to carry out safety inspections.

Thus, even if you self-inspect your security system, do not entirely rely on that. Summon our trained techies. Call us at 0403 596 231 to book a service call.