CCTV Camera Installation in Perth

Signs That Indicate That You Need To Replace Your CCTV in Perth

The CCTV protects your home and office by capturing the footage of intruders or criminals trying to get into your property in Perth. But when it is malfunctioning, you will need to repair or replace them immediately to keep your property safe.

However, to understand if your CCTV needs a replacement, you will need to look for a few signs and here we will discuss them in detail.

No Pictures At All

At many times when the security cameras in Perth are installed on a metal surface, it can lead to an electrified surface since metal is a conductor of electricity. Moreover, improper wiring can also cause electricity to flow on the surface of electronic devices and when this happens the picture quality of the cameras can get reduced or permanently damaged. So, when this happens you will need to check if the surface has become electrified. If you can check it by yourself, it’s fine. Else, you will need to call the technicians for the job.

But before we move on to the next sign to look for, we will say that this problem can be avoided by mounting the camera on a material that is a non-conductor of electricity. Also, make sure that the wiring has been done properly.

Warped Image

There can be various reasons for a warped image but the most common one is burnout caused due to sun’s rays. Too much direct sunlight can permanently damage the image sensor in your CCTV camera and when this happens you will encounter image distortions or even complete blackout. Then, the only solution will be to replace the camera.

So, before installing the camera check if the device supports outdoor recording. If not, either you will need to install it in a place that is protected from the sun or buy a different camera. And if the former applies, make sure there are no intense glares. So, before installation, you will need to discuss this with the technicians providing the CCTV camera supply and installation in Perth.

Images Appearing Very Bright

Another sign that indicates that you need to replace the camera is when the images start to appear too bright and you will not get any advantage by turning down the brightness.

This problem generally happens when there is no infrared cut filter on the camera lens. For this reason, we always recommend that you buy the camera from a reputed dealer and get them installed by expert technicians.

CCTV Not Turning On

When this happens the technicians will need to inspect the camera and the components inside it. If the damaged components can be repaired, the technicians will do the needful or they might have to replace the entire camera. Another reason for this problem might be a defective power supply. The technicians will inspect that too and if that is fixed, your CCTV will start working normally and you do not need to get it replaced.

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