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When to Call a Repair Service for Your Security Cameras in Perth?

If you are living in Perth and you have security cameras installed, you need to look for certain signs to determine if your cameras are working as it should.

Certain signs indicate a fault with the cameras and if you find any of these signs on the device installed in your home or office, call a repair service immediately to stay safe.

Security Cameras IN PERTH
Security Cameras IN PERTH

Blurry Image and Videos

Security cameras should always capture clear images and videos of your surroundings. But, if you notice your recordings have become blurry or out of focus recently, you need to call a technician for a repair or maintenance service.

The blurry footage can be caused by a fault in an internal component or it might be a problem with the lens. If you have more than one camera installed, you have to check the recordings of every one of them to identify the ones that are producing too much grain or blur. You need to get those cameras checked by the technician.

The technician will perform a diagnosis for the CCTV security cameras in Perth that are causing problems and after they have found out the problem they will consult with you on what needs to be repaired, its cost, etc.

If the problem is not that serious, plain maintenance will be performed where the lens of the camera will be re-adjusted to remove the blurriness and grain.

Cuts in Camera Footage

Check the footage of your security camera for frequent cuts. Initially, you might think these are occurring due to the interference of other networks or poor signal. But, the issue can be deeper than you think.A component or your lens might be malfunctioning that is causing these cuts in the footage. However, while monitoring, check the frequency of the cuts as it can be a problem with your wi-fi system. At several times when many people stream video, this problem can come up. It can also be an issue with the CCTV camera installation too. So, you need to get in touch with your technician if and when you encounter issues like these.

Remote Monitoring gets Disabled

If you see that the remote monitoring got disabled, it is a sign of a serious problem with your camera. If you lose remote monitoring access, the technician will ask for additional information to diagnose the cause of the problem and you have to answer all of his questions to make the diagnosis easier.

Some of the common problems that he might ask are the duration of the problem, the steps that have been followed during troubleshooting, etc. Finally, after diagnosing the problem he will be able to set it up. So, when faced with this problem it is better if you call a technician to avert security problems in your building.

Motion Sensing is Malfunctioning

When you see that motion sensing is not giving accurate results or it has stopped entirely, you need to get the cameras checked immediately. It can be a problem with the sensors and if that is indeed the case, the technicians will replace the sensors.

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