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Everything You Need to Know About a Security Alarm System

Today, the technology behind the security alarm systems has improved a lot. Wireless security systems are now used mostly in all places though in very few places wired systems are still in use.

The wireless systems are easy to use and can be synced with tablets and smartphones. Here we will take a look at how your security alarm in Perth works and the components of the system.

Security Alarm System in Perth
Security Alarm System in Perth

The Mechanism

The alarm system is equipped with sensors that communicate with the central hub through wires or radio frequencies. This hub then establishes a connection with the outside world through a landline or a cellular connection. In alarm systems, this hub is the touch screen that is mounted on the wall of your home or office with keys on it.

To keep the home or office safe, the sensors are installed in strategic locations such as doors, windows, entry points, and congested areas. The sensors detect activities such as opening a door or a window, movement of people, etc.

The security system can be customized to trigger an alarm whenever an unusual movement is detected and along with the alarm, modern systems send notifications directly to the owners’ phones.

Whenever an alarm is triggered by the home security system, if you have assigned a monitoring company, they will contact you or the relevant authorities to notify them about the possible threat.

Now take a look at the different components of the security system.

The Components

  • The Hub

This is the mainframe of the alarm system. The equipment uses radio signals to establish a connection with the sensors, as well as the monitoring authorities. And whenever an alarm is triggered, it can be disabled with the built-in keypad.

  • The Keypad

The hub houses the keypad as mentioned above, but some of the best alarm systems in Perth will also let you can attach additional keypads that can attach be attached to multiple doors.

To manage the alarm, you can use your smartphone conveniently apart from the keypad.

  • The Contact Sensors

These are specialized battery-powered components that comprise a magnet and a detection unit. The magnet and the detection unit have to be placed between doors or windows to establish a contact and whenever any movement breaks the contact, the sensor sends the signal to the hub which instantly sends all notifications.

  • The Motion Sensor

This component detects movement in the area using passive infrared to sense body heat. This component is also battery-powered and is installed higher above the ground so that it can cover a large area.

  • The Siren

This is the component that actually makes the piercing sound in the alarm system to alert the owner as well as the neighbours whenever when it detects something unusual. Nearly all home security systems have this siren built-in.

Some systems in the market also let you add a secondary siren for enhancing the sound.

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