Indoor CCTV Camera Installation Perth

Indoor CCTV Camera Installation- 3 Areas to Mount Your Security System

Those days of leaving your windows partially shut-down and doors unlocked are long gone. In today’s world security breaches has become a common worry for both commercial offices and residential properties.

Those thieves and miscreants have also gotten smarter than before and without a quality CCTV camera system in Perth; it is only a matter of time when they break into your home and rob you of your precious belongings.

To prevent this from happening, you need to invest in quality state-of-the-art CCTV security camera systems from a notable supplier in Perth to offer the best line of defence against these neighbourhood vandals!

CCTV Installation Perth
CCTV Installation Perth

3 Appropriate Spot for Indoor CCTV Cam Installation

  • The Master Bedroom- Believe it or not, your master bedroom is one of the favourite spots for thieves and vandals. Truth be told, there will be lots of items for them to rob and so it does invoke some sense.

To be safe than sorry, add a quality CCTV camera to your master bedroom to stop these thieves from entering unexpectedly and rummaging through your personal possessions.

For best results; you can opt for Pan Zoom Tilt or PTZ cameras featuring lens rotating feature. This will make identifying those thieves so much easier when the cops arrive.

  • The First-Floor- Burglars, by nature are opportunists. If they cannot get in through one way, they will look for alternate entry points. So, if the main door is CCTV secured, the chances are that they try to get in through your first-floor windows. Avert this by placing a CCTV security cam angled slightly up to record any possible break-ins.

If you have your first floor covered, another possible entry point is your back door which gets them into the basement of your house. So secure the back door by angling the camera position facing towards the door, but keep it out of sight.

  • The Main Access Area like The Living Room or Hallway- You should also look to mount your CCTV security camera in the main access area such as the living room or the hallway. Doing so will give you a clear picture of everyone who passes through.

In addition- also place a quality CCTV cam in a room where you keep all your antique items, jewels and other costly household items.

If you have pets in the house, be sure to set the camera to monitor their activity to avoid any false alarms. You can even pair the camera with an advanced alarm monitoring system to lend in that extra protection to your family, kids and even pets.

install CCTV Camera System Perth
install CCTV Camera System Perth

Contact Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd for Quality CCTV Cams & Other Security Solutions

For all your home CCTV security system installations, Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd is your most trusted provider for a wide range of security systems.

Each of our quality CCTV security cameras offered up for Perth homeowners transmits clear vision both during night and day due to its built-in Megapixel IP system. They are also easily compatible with iPhones, smartphones, laptops and even computers, thus making them all the more worth it.

So, get in touch if you want to beef up your indoor security and make your home 100% burglar-proof. We will offer you only the best branded CCTV security cameras which promise you total security satisfaction.