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4 Impressive Benefits of Deputing Security Professionals at Hospitals

Like any other commercial premises such as retails, shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals too have their own set of security risks. The open door premises make hospitals susceptible to crime, vandalism, intruder attack and fraudulent activities. Sometimes, security cameras in Perth aren’t enough to address issues such as theft, vandalism or illegal break-ins and that’s why hiring security professionals becomes essential.

CCTV Installation Perth
CCTV Installation Perth

This blog highlights some major benefits of deploying security guards at hospitals even after installing security cameras.

Restricts Physical Violence

Past instances have proved that healthcare stuff and medical officers are prone to workplace violence. Over recent years, cases of molestation and physical abuse on medial stuff have rapidly increased. From patients, employees, visitors and staff, hospital premises are prime targets of burglars, intruders and local miscreants.

Deploying security professionals at major entry and exit points can deter offenders from committing fraudulent activities and make them aware of getting caught. Security guards are trained to handle vandalism and take instant action before any crime takes place.

Deter Theft & Crime

Hospitals are prime hotspots for theft, burglary and illegal break-ins. Strengthening security at major entry points, including emergency outdoors, is essential as they remain open even during night. Burglars target high-value equipment, medical tools in order to make money from it.

Child abduction is another potential threat and sometimes criminals tamper security cameras to escape fraud. The presence of security professionals can deter criminals from committing fraud and help in taking instant action against the accused in case of suspicious activities.

Minimise Damage to Property

Severely injured and mentally challenged patients frequently undergo mood swings and emotional imbalance often leads to aggression. If a mentally challenged patient suddenly starts behaving violently or becomes aggressive, it may result in damage of high-value equipment, machinery and property. Also, it can make other patients panic-stricken and cause deterioration of their health conditions.

Whereas it’s good to consider CCTV installation in Perth at hospitals; however, it can only help in recording footages. Deploying trained security professionals can help in bringing the situation under control and prevent damage to property.

Control Misconduct and Vandalism

When it comes to hospital premises, violence upon doctors, nurse and patients is a common threat. Visitors and family members of patients may react to mishaps and hence, security officers are needed to control their actions. Lack of presence of security professionals at hospital premises put medical staff at the risk of physical abuse and misbehaviour.

If healthcare professionals fall prey to untruly behaviour, they’ll lose concentration on treating patients which can further make patients suffer. Deploying security guards at hospitals can minimise unforeseen circumstances and keep safety of nurse and patients intact.

Presence of security cameras in Perth and trained security guards can reduce threats and keep hospital premises safe from intruders. At Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd, we provide advanced CCTV cameras that can record high-resolution footages and keep your residential and commercial premises safe from theft, illegal-break ins, fire outbreak and fraudulent activities. To explore our wide range of modern security cameras, dial us @ 0403 596 231