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Telltale Causes of False Alarms and Foolproof Ways to Prevent Them

If you have splurged on installing home alarm systems, you must be relying upon them for keeping your property and your loved ones safe from unwanted mishaps. What if your alarm systems start giving false alerts? Perhaps the last thing you will expect after investing your hard-earned money is your security alarms triggering false signals. It can cause you undue headache and minimise police response times, especially at times of actual emergencies. However, it’s true, that false alarms do happen and unfortunately, you can’t control it. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to opt for a whole new replacement every time!

The best way to counteract false alarms is by identifying the causes and implementing ways to avert them as far as possible.

Human Error or Pet Activities

It’s no surprise that most of the time, your home alarm system in Perth triggers false alerts due to accidental tripping. Now, why it happens?

  • Kids playing with the access panel
  • Pets triggering motion sensors
  • Improper use of the alarm system
  • Forgetting the alarm code

The good news is that you can prevent these human errors by adopting a few precautionary measures:-

  • Train adults and children to operate the alarm system properly.
  • Ensuring that kids understand that alarm panel is for emergencies only.
  • You can ask your security service provider to incorporate specialised pet sensors that will restrict your furry friend from triggering false alarms.
  • Ensure to turn off the alarm before coming in or going out of your house.

Lack of Routine Maintenance

Like any other appliance in your home, your Perth home security alarms systems need periodic checks and routine upkeep for running in good health for a lifetime. Lack of upgrades and maintenance by security services professionals cause alarm systems to undergo wear and tear and the sensors accumulate dirt and debris, which further, hinders the performance of your home alarm systems. Moreover, batteries worn out with time and lead to false alerts.

Ways to Prevent Them

Security devices are delicate and require routine maintenance. To ensure their optimal performance, you need to:

  • Test batteries frequently and replace them if needed.
  • Dust all the sensors regularly including motion detectors, cameras and smoke alarm systems
  • Wrap your security devices while dusting your house.

Improper Installation of Security Alarms

To get instant alerts against fire breakouts or any other emergency, it’s essential to install security alarm systems in Perth in a correct manner. Mistakes while installing security alarm systems can lead to false alarms and give you unwanted troubles.

Typical installation errors include:

  • Wrongly aligned sensors and detectors
  • Not following manufacturer’s guidelines during installation
  • General DIY mistakes

How to prevent?

If improper installation of your security alarm is the cause behind getting false alarms, it can be fixed by the following ways.

  • Ensuring the motion sensors aren’t located close to air vents
  • Keep away smoke detectors from heat sources and ensure they are not placed anywhere near the bathroom.
  • Hire a professional security system installer in Perth who can rectify the installation mistakes and make necessary adjustments if needed.

If you have already made the right choice by installing home alarm systems, act a little wise by keeping them in good working condition to deter unscrupulous activities. At Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd, we provide high-quality Risco alarm in Perth that can trigger instant alerts whenever any suspicious activity is detected. Reach us and enjoy living with peace of mind!