Commercial Alarm Systems

What are the 5 Major Features of Modern Commercial Alarm Systems?

The security scenario is changing on a global scale. Thus, with the changing threat perceptions, the security systems that are innovated by the renowned brands come up with value additions and features that meet the security needs of the hour. Let us in this page, discuss the value added features that the contemporary branded alarm systems come up with. This wide array of features that are available with these alarm systems come up with, enable the business owners to tailor their alarm systems to meet their bespoke security needs.

State of the Art Surveillance Cameras

One of the most unique beneficial features that the modern security systems come up with, is the state of the art surveillance cameras. These IP enabled as well as wired cameras come up with a wide range of state of the art features, by the virtue of which, they can be programmed to be activated whenever triggered by any security breach impulse. They come up with IR cameras that can ‘see’ even in the darkest of night. They also have motion sensors that get activated whenever there is unauthorised trace passing from any quarter. Thus, these surveillance cameras play the role of ‘electronic eyes’ to keep a watch on your commercial complex adding more teeth to the alarm systems available in Perth or elsewhere.

Customer Support

A credible security alarm system is backed by a highly competent customer support, which will come to the help of the end user of the system, at hour of need. Thus, when you hire a commercial alarm system, the customer support desk will resolve your queries and every other emergency need of the hour, right when it matters the most for you.t Thus, customer supports comes up as one of the most important features of the commercial alarm system in Perth or elsewhere that you look for.

24 Hour Monitoring

The modern security alarm system comes with an emergency or break in preventive mechanism in the form of round the clock monitoring system, which can take note of any emergency situation, or any unauthorised access to the commercial complex. This will help the stakeholders to take evasive actions at the earliest, thus nipping the probability of security breach at the right moment. Thus, this 24-hour monitoring support system is a value added feature of the modern commercial alarm system.

Motion Sensors

Almost every high quality commercial alarm available in Perth at present is equipped with state of the art motion sensors for controlling your main gateways and thoroughfares within your business premises. Once the security alarm is set and the motion sensors are activated, they will notify you the moment there is any security breach. Thus, motion sensors are another feature of the modern alarm systems.

Access Control Mechanism

One of the most feasible ways of limiting security breach is imposing a control on the access of your commercial facility. That’s why, when you install a security system, you can enjoy the access control mechanism that these alarm systems come up with.

Thus you see, the modern commercial alarm systems come up with these value added features that add an extra security blanket on your property. What better name can you opt for, than Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd? Call us at 0403 596 231 for booking a service call.