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What Are the Differences Between Commercial and Home Security Systems?

There are two types of security systems that are in place – the residential security system and the commercial one. Though the fundamentals of the two types of systems are more or less the same, a few differences are there as well. On this page, let us discuss the differences between commercial security systems and their domestic counterpart.

The Alarms of the Business Security Systems are More Complex

Speaking about security, it goes without saying that the alarms of the business security systems are more complex than the domestic security systems. The commercial complexes are generally high-traffic areas and depending upon the nature of activities and types of businesses, they attract a larger populace. Naturally, businesses would need more stringent safety measures and hence, demand alarm systems that are designed to deal with more complex and wide-ranging security issues.

Thus, the alarm systems of the business are more advanced and comprehensive than the alarms of the home security systems available in Perth. They come up with more value-added features that help in restricting access to the employees through facilities. Besides they comprise more surveillance cams and more sensitive sensors and the likes.


Certification is another point of difference between the home and business security systems. Indeed, being non-certified and certified makes a lot of difference between a business security alarm system and its domestic counterpart. Certified security systems are those that are supposed to meet the security needs of smaller applications like retail stores and small offices, high-end applications such as banks, hotels, airports, and other large public properties. Home security systems might not be certified.

Home Security Alarm Systems Are More Flexible 

Flexibility is another parameter on which the home and commercial security systems differ from each other. The domestic systems may be small and discreet and they may be designed to fit well with the overall décor of home interiors. The commercial security systems available in Perth, on the other hand, do not have any such compulsions.

Commercial Security Systems Indulge in More Data Storage

The commercial security systems, for obvious reasons, come with the provision of more data storage than their domestic counterparts. Businesses and commercial complexes naturally would need around-the-clock video surveillance involving recording a huge amount of data in regards to 24×7 high traffic and frenzy of activities across the facility. That is the reason the commercial security systems are manufactured with more storage capacity, thus allowing the businesses to store more data with ease.

The domestic systems, on the other hand, would come up with much lesser storage capacity as there is no need to store a huge amount of data for future reference.

The Commercial Security Systems Are Costlier

The commercial security systems are costlier than their domestic counterparts for obvious reasons. As these systems are more complex, and they come with more value-added features, they come up at a much higher price. The value-added features of these gadgets include temperature monitoring, panic button monitoring, access control monitoring, panic button monitoring, water monitoring, video monitoring, and the likes. Naturally, you have to pay more for these features.

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