Home Security System

Signs That Say You Need To Upgrade Your Home Security System

Threat perceptions change with time, pretty rapidly – almost on a daily basis. That’s the reason you need to upgrade your home security system with time. Thus, the bottom line is that there are some other telltale signs that say it’s time to upgrade your home security system.

When You Have an Old Security System in Place

If you have not upgraded your home security system for long, that’s a red flag. Remember, even a 5 to 6 years gap between the two upgrades is alarming, as security technology upgrades at an astonishing pace. Thus, if you haven’t upgraded your home security systems in Perth or elsewhere depending upon your location, you need to do so, immediately.

You Are Still Using a Wired System

Wired security systems are the order of the past. They are considered redundant in today’s context. The reason is simple – threat perceptions of today are multifarious. Wired security systems are not expected to be enough to meet those security threats. They have limitations, from the point of view of operability, as well as from the point of view of efficacy. Thus, if you have a wired security system in place, you need to get rid of it, as you are carrying an outdated, old-fashioned security system. Upgrade it without any delay, whatsoever and opt for a wireless security system.

Your Security System in Only Alarm-based

It is a real security red flag for you if you have only an alarm-based security system. Alarms are trustworthy, but not always. There are different reasons not to rely heavily and entirely on them. Alarms go off falsely and even skip genuine instances of a security breach. Therefore, it is highly dangerous to rely entirely on alarm-based systems. You need to have a security system that has CCTV cams backed by alarms. Indeed, only CCTV cameras in Perth, preferably the IP variants are the best when it comes to providing home security systems.

The Home Automation Is Not Up to the Mark

There are several aspects of home automation systems. Ranging from the automated sliding doors of your driveway to the garage doors, the CCTV-backed automated gate watch system, and the security alarms, smoke alarms, the list may be endless. However, automation has to be state of the art. In other words, there has to be harmony between all these aspects of automation, to ensure foolproof security. If that harmony or sync between them is missing, you need to upgrade it. Remember, the CCTV-based home security system has to be in tune with the home automation system to ensure a foolproof security blanket.

The Cams Offer Low-resolution Images

This is another extremely predominant sign that says, it’s time to upgrade your security system. The cams are supposed to capture high-resolution images and that also regardless of the presence or absence of light, regardless of the weather conditions. But when that does not happen, and when the cams capture low-resolution images, that’s a red flag once again.

Thus you see, all these signs tell you that it’s time to upgrade your home security system. What better name can you hire than Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd if you are in Sydney? Call us at 0403 596 231 for booking a service call.