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Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Security Cameras in Perth Effectively

When you have installed security cameras on the outdoors, you will need to protect them from various things such as theft, inclement weather, theft, etc. to keep your property in Perth safe. Now, to protect them you will need to learn the ways and today we will be discussing some of those ways to make the job easier for you. So, just follow along.

1) Protect the Cameras from Theft

To keep the security cameras in Perth safe from thieves, you will need to install them at a height that will be harder to reach. Also, try to install it on a wall that is plain and has no pipes attached anywhere nearby that can assist the thieves to get near the camera. However, thieves can use ladders to get to the cameras. So, to protect them you can install them in hidden positions or areas where it is harder to spot them.

2) Protect the Cameras from Insects and Spider Webs

Outdoor cameras that are equipped with infrared or other related technology can attract insects which can be a big problem, especially when spiders build webs in front of the camera lens. So, to protect the lens from the cobwebs or dead insects, you can use insecticides. Another less effective solution is to turn off the infrared at night. However, as you can well understand that this can give rise to a security issue.

There are several insecticides readily available in the market that can repel the insects from your camera. But to choose the best one for your camera you should contact a security camera professional.

3) Protect the Camera from Inclement Weather Conditions

Heavy, rainfall, storm or strong winds can sometimes damage the camera, and even if you have bought the best outdoor security camera system, failure to take the necessary precautions can lead to damages.

So, you can ask the professionals to install a box or a casing to protect them from strong winds or rainwater. Also, you can use certified waterproof cables for the cameras.

For installing the cameras you will need to contact renowned professionals as they will include all the protection kits in the installation package itself.

4) Protect the Camera from Fogging

Fogging not only decreases the visibility but also damage the camera since it is the accumulation of moisture. So, to protect the camera from excessive moisture, you can place a pouch of silica gel inside the camera’s protective case.

Also, wiping the camera lens with a microfiber cloth frequently is a good step to protect the camera from the condensation.

5) Protect the Camera from Lightning

During a thunderstorm, lightning can occur and it might damage the camera as it generates a surge in power. So, as a protective measure, make sure that you have the grounding systems installed in your home or office.

6) Protection against Hacking

To protect the camera from getting hacked, make sure you set a strong password and change it frequently. Since today’s cameras rely on Wi-Fi, you should use the WPA-2 security protocol when setting up the password.

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