Home Security Alarm System Package

The Top Features of Home Security Alarm System Package

Are you looking forward to installing the best alarm system package at your home? You must opt for a quality brand that comes with a package of some quality features that will add value to the system. But what should the features of a quality alarm system package be? Here is a sneak peek into the topic.

High-resolution All-weather Cameras

The home alarm system you opt for has to come up with high-resolution cameras. The reason is understandable. You would like the system to do something more than just making you alert about unauthorised access. Thus, you must have the provision of knowing live, what’s going on in and around your property. A high-quality camera setup will let you do that without any hindrance. The camera has to be a high-quality one and should have the provision of capturing the best images day and night, regardless of weather conditions. This will prove the efficacy of the alarm system package in Perth that you opt for.

It Should Have a Monitoring Ability

The alarm system should come up with a sensor that will be able to monitor every movement that takes place in and around your property without any failure. It should have the technology that will enable it to monitor the proceedings 24×7. And it should have motion capture technology that will enable it to differentiate between the movement of your pets and a human being. Certain heat sensors will gauge the amount of heat radiated from the moving body to pick up its identity and refrain from raising any false alarm. In fact, that’s one of the hallmarks of quality home security systems in Perth or anywhere else.

Energy Management

A high-quality alarm system should have the technology to let the users control other appliances from a desktop system. It should give the users the liberty of adjusting the thermostat of their home even from remote locations. This will help them save money on energy bills when they are not using their home energy for not being at home. Besides, it should also have the provision of adjusting the lighting when people are not using them. Thus, you see, the modern home security systems available in Perth as in any other place will help people not just the physical security and safety-related issues, but other aspects as well.

Carbon Monoxide Regulations

Modern home alarm systems also have provisions to monitor the carbon monoxide level at your home. These state-of-the-art alarm systems also come up with CO detectors that will be able to detect and measure the CO saturation at your home. This ensures that you and your family members are never at risk for higher CO saturation at your home, which may occur for a number of reasons.

Besides all these features, the modern alarm systems, more so the more high-tech ones would come up with features that will help monitor the critical parameters like oxygen level, pulse and heartbeat, and the likes of elders and frails even remotely.

Thus, if you are to opt for alarm systems in Perth opt for the state-of-the-art ones, which have all these features. Call us Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd to get these high-tech systems to have your bespoke needs met. Call us at 0403 596 231 for further details.