The Best Locations for Installing Home Security Cameras – a Comparative Study

Before you install security cameras at your home, you need to take a hard look at its dimension, and the points of strength and weaknesses and evaluate the strategic points where you can install them to mitigate any threat perception.

Indeed, it is extremely essential to pick up the weak points of your home and plug them up with the use of technology. Now that is easier said than done, and can best be dealt with by professionals who are into installing the best home security cameras available in the market. There are a few common areas in every home that are targeted by the miscreants and the law-breakers. Now when you hire professionals they will be able to pick these weak points up pretty easily and would install these ‘eyes’ at those locations for a strict round the clock vigilance.

From that point of view, putting money on Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd will pay off immensely. With years of experience, our experts will be able to spot the best places on your behalf to set up the cameras to ensure a foolproof e-vigilance. Nevertheless, here we discuss some of the best strategic locations to put up those cameras.

Front Door

One does not have to a rocket scientist to acknowledge that this is the most obvious weak point and almost a ‘highway’ for the miscreants to gain an unauthorised access to your property. To prevent that, you have to have your best outdoor security camera at around the second floor level of your home. If you have opted for a suitable all-weather camera, it will deliver an absolutely foolproof round the clock surveillance regardless of the time of day and night.

The Back & the Side Doors

If you have back and side doors (which in most cases homes have), they are considered as the potential route as well, for unlawful entrance to your private property. Hence, the professionals will suggest mounting these cams at these vulnerable ‘outlets and inlets’ as well.

Then again, when we talk about the French doors and patios, they are practically seating ducks against break-ins. Thus, when you have these outlets included in the area under the surveillance of the best outdoor security camera system that by default brings down the threat perception by quite a few notches.

Off-Street Windows

These are indeed soft targets of the perpetrators, to say the least. Windows that do not face busy streets or thoroughfares will invariably invite the crooks, as there will be no prying eyes keeping a vigil on their acts. So make sure these windows have ‘eyes’. Do not leave them out of the reach of the eyes of the security camera system that you have had installed. It will pay dividends subsequently for sure, by adding an extra layer of security.

The Garage..for Obvious Reasons!!

There’s no prize for guessing – WHY!!! Well, there are a few blokes who would not consider monitoring their garage, since in most cases they are secluded from the main building. However, that’s a blunder, if not anything else.

In the majority of homes, the garages have door(s) that lead(s) to the main portion of the house. Therefore, whether or not your garage has valuables, it has to be protected at any cost. Any professional who is into installing these security camera systems who emphasise on installing cams dedicated to your garage and the adjoining areas. The best way to install one for your garage is to make the cam face the driveway and its adjacent areas to safeguard the place.

And the Backyard

Now that you have had the garage and the adjoining areas secured, it is time to turn to your backyard. Whether or not if you have expensive gardening machinery stacked up under a makeshift shade your backyard is always exposed to illegal admission. Therefore, to keep the backyard safe and sound, you need to install the cameras smartly and strategically to bring the entire backyard under surveillance.

Finally….the indoor

One of the most common misconceptions that people have regarding the installation of security cameras is that they are meant for outdoors. The interiors of your home need them as well. Common areas where you can have them installed include strategic places from where they can keep an eye on the area around the doors that lead to outside, the windows, the staircase(s), and a full view of the common room that has to accessed anyway before getting to any other part of the home.

Now if you are not that sure or confident, our technicians at Advanced Vision Security Pty Ltd will help you out in finalizing the strategic points to set up the cameras. For further details, call us on 0403 596 231 during our office hours.