Security Camera Installation

Security Camera Installation Mistakes That Professionals Always Avoid

Security cameras should always be installed in strategic locations and you need to choose the appropriate camera model depending on your needs. But when it comes to the installation of the cameras in your home or office in Perth, professionals always avoid mistakes to keep your place secured.

And now, we will see the mistakes that they avoid at all costs during the installation of the security cameras in Perth.

Security Cameras Perth
Security Cameras Perth

Not Protecting the Connection Wires

Though modern security cameras can withstand inclement weather, the wires that connect the cameras with the monitors might not.

So, the professionals providing the camera installation in the exterior of your home or office should always install protective covers on the wires. Otherwise, it will be a mistake because severe rains may damage the wires or cause short circuits that can even damage the camera.

Installing The Cameras Without Considering Obstructions Or Direct Sunlight

This is a common mistake and is always avoided by the professionals providing the security camera installation in Perth because if sun’s rays directly fall on the camera, it will naturally get harder for the operators to detect the threats. And the same applies when there is an obstruction in front of the camera.

All these are nothing but examples of unplanned installations which are generally made in a rush or by installers who have little or no knowledge about strategic building security.

Not Adjusting the Field of View

For accurate monitoring and detection of threats in your home or office, the professional providing the installation will need to adjust the field of view of the camera during or after the installation.

If, for instance, the camera lens focuses at an angle of 180 degrees, you cannot see what’s going on directly beneath the camera, and if the camera is set this way, it is a mistake. So, the security camera installers will need to adjust the field of view so that you can clearly see the area underneath the camera, as well as the surrounding areas.

Demonstrating Only a Few Features to The Clients

A modern security camera might have many features. And after the installation, the professionals will need to demonstrate these features along with the ways to operate the camera to their clients.

However, many professionals skip the demonstration of all these features thus making a big mistake because there can be many features in the camera designed to make security easier for the clients. But if the clients don’t know about any of them, they are naturally less secure.

So, at present, the professionals employed by reputed companies always avoid this mistake by demonstrating all the features to their clients after installing the security cameras.

Not Suggesting a Free Moving Camera

As security threats have become more sophisticated, the professionals need to suggest free moving cameras to their clients where the option of pan tilt and zoom is present.

These cameras are flexible and are best for detecting advanced threats. So, suggesting the fixed cameras nowadays for large commercial and residential areas is a mistake.

Protect Your Place by Installing the Best Cameras Today

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