CCTV Camera Features

CCTV Camera Features That Are Taking Security to the Next Level

Technology has evolved and this has helped engineers to design better CCTV cameras. These modern cameras are equipped with different features and today we are going to discuss some of these features. So, if you are in Perth and are confused about the features that you should look for before investing in a CCTV camera, you are at the correct place.

So, let’s begin.

  • Runs on Wi-Fi

The good thing is that both the residential and commercial CCTV systems in Perth are available with wireless technology. That means, no more is the cable required to send the footage to the storage systems. Also, even without the cables, these wireless cameras can record footage seamlessly, without any disruptions to keep your place safe. The only thing that you need to do is to set the camera up properly. For this, however, you might require professional assistance.

  • Cloud Backup and Remote Access Technology

Not only do the modern CCTV cameras provide remote access, a nifty feature to look for, but also they come equipped with technology where the data can be directly uploaded on the cloud.

You can now even access the recorded data on the cloud with an application on your smartphone or tablet, or any other smart device. And when it comes to remote access, this can be called a great feature as you can see live recordings through your smartphones easily, even when you are in a different location.

Modern CCTV cameras are immensely powerful as they provide seamless integration of the application with the system itself, and by taking advantage of this technology; you can activate and deactivate the cameras with the tap of a button on your smartphone or any other device.

  • High-Definition Video Recording

Before you invest in a CCTV installation in Perth make sure that the system supports HD video recording as this is a new feature that will come in handy in various situations.

Modern cameras have powerful lens and technology that can capture footage at 1080p resolution or even in 4K depending on the model and the good thing is earlier, these cameras were a bit costly. But recent market competition has helped in price reduction.

The advantage of HD recording is that during or after an incident, you can clearly identify the criminals and the footage can play a critical part in the investigation and is itself good evidence material.

  • Night Vision Technology

Newer CCTV cameras are now equipped with night-vision technology that enables the systems to capture footage in low-light conditions. In fact, many modern cameras are come equipped with heat-vision and infrared which are even more powerful since they pick up heat signatures and hence are highly effective in threat mitigation.

  • Motion Sensor Technology

If you wish to go for some of the most advanced CCTV packages in Perth, you should look for the camera that comes with motion sensor technology.

As the name goes, it detects movements and whenever finds one, will trigger an alarm just like a home or an office alarm system. Besides, it also provides you with the footage you require to identify the criminal.

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